Enterprise Trips

Trips to Employers

Trips help students make the crucial link between the skills built in class and the working world. They meet volunteers from a range of organisations and work together on a challenge to get a flavour of the industry.

Enterprise partners

Examples of Trip Days

Battersea Power Station – Our Year 2 pupils were given a tour of the Battersea Power Station, viewed architectural blue prints and models. They additionally shared their opinion on the proposed development. Skills used – leading, sharing ideas and aiming high.

Experian – Our Year 3 pupils met graphic designers, web designers and account managers. They had the tall task of hiring a new member of the Experian team, this was done through looking at the candidates CV. Skills used – leading, working as a team and problem solving.

BBC Worldwide – Our Year 5 pupils were given their very own media passes on entrance to BBC Worldwide! They learnt about the production of television programmes and the team of people involved. Skills used – listening carefully and using imagination.