Governance impact statement 2016/2017

In accordance with the requirements for all governing bodies, the three core strategic functions of the Shaftesbury Park board of governors are:

  1. Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction
  2. Holding the Headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils
  3. Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent

Governance arrangements

Having re-organised during 2015/16 the governing body formally reconstituted in autumn 2017 to a membership of thirteen comprising: the headteacher, one staff governor, one local authority governor, two parent governors and eight co-opted governors. Details of governors, responsibilities and attendance are attached as an appendix.

No governors left during the academic year, but we were pleased to welcome Moya Wilkie and Nathalie Jackson as elected parent governors in autumn term.

Vision and priorities for 2017/2018

The governing body has set the ambitious target of making Shaftesbury Park an outstanding school: this ambition underpins everything it does. Subject to review the current ambitions for the school are:

  1. Provide outstanding governance to support the school’s ambition
  2. Improve school-wide communication
  3. Safeguard the school’s long-term position by creating and implementing multi-year finance and property plans and thoroughly investigating academy status and alternatives.

Progress during 2016/2017

We are clear that our ambition for outstanding status is not just a matter for Ofsted inspection—which may come at any time and before we have made enough progress—but something that everyone involved with the school, staff, parents and students can see and feel. The status is meaningless unless it has a positive impact on the education we provide.

While not complacent we feel strong progress has been made. This progress is reflected not just in our own assessments, but also in the feedback we get from independent and external visitors. The school, both bilingual and enterprise, is an attractive choice for parents and, when there is talk of a national recruitment crisis, we continue to attract a good number of high quality candidates for any vacancies we have.

Some particular points to note from the year are listed below.

Bilingual and Enterprise streams

Governors continued to track the progress of the bilingual stream through the school (2016/17 was the first year of bilingual provision in key-stage 2) and the implementation of the enterprise approach in all non-bilingual classes.

Shaftesbury Park is unique in offering a traditional primary education through two different streams both of which enrich the education offered in the other. This offer appears to be attractive not only to parents, choosing the school for their children, but also to potential staff.


Government changes to the funding formula mean that there is likely to be pressure on the finances of most London schools. Shaftesbury Park is no exception to this, although it will benefit a little over the next three years as the school completes its transition from 45 to 60 children per school year.

Governors have been continuing to set balanced budgets and are starting to budget over three years (Wandsworth practice has been to budget just one year ahead), to help better anticipate and prepare for any funding issues.


The school has benefited from a lot of investment in its buildings in recent years. The risk, however, is that this means a lot of areas that will need redecorating, refurbishing or even renewing around the same time. Governors have started developing a premises plan to ensure these are anticipated and to enable a more strategic look at how the limited space the school has is used to offer the best education.


School policies are, mostly, approved by the governing board. We have, however, started a process of delegating such approvals to committees, where possible, enabling a more rigorous review of these to ensure they are up-to-date and fit in with the school’s culture and values.


The governing board continue to actively monitor the school’s performance via the progress year groups are making over the year. The board is developing a performance dashboard to enable them to monitor overall trends, but also looking in more detail and exploring specific issues that underlie those trends. We are extending the range of performance we routinely consider.


The governing board has been paying close attention to attendance throughout the school. While the general trend in recent years has been improvement, there is more work to do, especially as the attendance rate is lower than other comparable schools in the area.


Although the government proposal to force schools to become academies has been withdrawn, the financial pressures schools face means academisation is still very much on the agenda for many schools. Governors have begun the process of exploring this to consider whether joining a multi-academy trust is right for the school and what sort of trust would be the best fit for us, or what alternatives there might be if we decided against.

Getting in touch

The governors are always happy to hear from parents. If you want to get in touch you can do so via the school office or by emailing


Name Type of Governor Introduction
James Cousins   Chair of Governors  Co-opted Governor I’ve had a varied career, starting in the City. I’ve subsequently worked as a consultant for the health service, councils, and police forces across the country and most recently as a manager for the NHS. I’ve been a governor at Shaftesbury Park for over eight years and am proud to now send my children here (in Badgers and Penguins). I’m the link governor for numeracy and have taken a leading role in the school’s work on defining it’s vision and mission.
Alison Melrose Vice Chair of Governors  Co-opted Governor I started my teaching career at Norland Place School before joining Broomwood Hall and becoming the Head of the Lower School. In more recent years I took on the Director of Admissions role and subsequently became the Operations Director for Northwood Schools. I now work as an education consultant supporting all aspects of school management. I became a governor at Shaftesbury Park in 2010.
George Spencer Co-opted Governor My career has been in the insurance, construction and steel sectors and in management consulting. I have been a charity trustee and chair and have been a governor of Shaftesbury Park since 2006. I am married with two sons and two daughters and have lived locally for twenty years.
Guy Senior Local Authority Governor Guy was first elected to Wandsworth Council in 1990 and has represented his local area ever since. In addition to his work for a financial services company in the city, Guy has held various leading roles in the Council, including being in charge of planning and leisure services, though he is currently in charge of roads and transport. Guy is also a director of Battersea Arts Centre. 
Pat Taylor Co-opted Governor I have been a Governor here for 8 years – my son used to attend the school – and a teacher for more than 20 years in both the state and independent sectors. As a SpLd (dyslexia) specialist I work at Shaftesbury Park one day a week and I am also an art psychotherapist, so my interests are in literacy and neuro-diverse learning.
Anthony Boon Co-opted Governor I am a Wandsworth resident and parent of two. My interest in Shaftesbury Park School lies particularly in its quest to establish a bilingual stream as I have a bilingual (French and English language) background. In addition I find it interesting and rewarding to help the school’s senior leadership team as it works for the good of the pupils and to do this through a committee where the Governors represent different people, from all walks of life all working towards one common goal.
Aly Ganney Co-opted Governor I became a co-opted Governor almost 18 months ago and I am the Governor linked to the bilingual stream. I am also a parent at the school as I have two children in the bilingual stream, a daughter in Year Three (Penguins class) and a son in Reception (Leopards class) .
Patrick Montgomery   Co-opted Governor I have two children with the eldest in Foxes class and the youngest in Leopards class. I have been living in the area for the last 6 years and love living here with all it’s got to offer. I am very impressed with how Shaftesbury Park has been evolving and how my sons are enjoying their time here.  As someone born in Ireland, raised in Holland and who has made the great international city of London my home I am a big believer in the benefits of the bilingual environment that we are developing at Shaftesbury Park.
Elena Hahn Co-opted Governor I have been a Parent Governor since 2011 as well as the link Safeguarding Governor. I work as a Safeguarding Children Trainer for the NHS and until last Summer I had all my three boys at Shaftesbury Park School. My oldest son is now attending secondary school but I still have one boy in Dolphins and another one in Sharks.
Nathalie Jackson Parent Governor With over 20 years of child development experience I have worked in various settings including; child care, family guidance centre, preschool and university and undertaken many different positions including; child psychologist, child literature trainer and preschool manager. Education and culture are a passion for me! I have my eldest daughter in the bilingual stream.
Moya Wilkie Parent Governor I have lived in the Shaftesbury Estate for over a decade and my daughter started in the bilingual stream in 2015. I was elected as a Parent Governor in 2016 with a responsibility to support the whole school body – both bilingual and enterprise streams.  I spent 12 years working at the Institute of Education, and my initial work as a Governor has focused on Equality issues.
Our Staff Governors are Bunmi Richards and Julia Humble.