Our Vision and Mission

At Shaftesbury Park, we develop children who:

Shaftesbury Park Vision Logo

Think about their world

We use the International Primary Curriculum to not just to teach children facts, but to develop inquisitiveness, creativity and curiosity about the subjects they are learning.

Expand their world

We use the opportunities provided by our bilingual and enterprise classes to give the whole school a gateway to the wider world, helping children find the world beyond our borders, share similarities and celebrate differences.

Change their world

We use the core enterprise values and the United Nations’ Convention on the Rights of the Child to help children develop the skills and values they will use throughout their life to make their world better.

As a school we are at our best when we live by our core values:


We involve the whole school family and encourage and value contributions from every part of the school community


We value children as equals, giving them the opportunity to play a positive role in their education and making their school, community and world a better place.


We recognise and share successes, individual and collective, throughout the school.


We strive to provide the highest quality of teaching and learning environments to inspire children on their learning journey.