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Business trips help students make the crucial link between the skills built in class and the working world. All children in Years 3-6 will visit a business once a year. The day involves meeting and working with professionals on a challenge task that has been designed to give the children a flavour of the industry and reinforce the employability skills. They tour the workplace and enjoy seeing the business in action. At the end of the day they present their work to a panel of experts and receive supportive feedback on their work.

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Examples of Trip Days

Battersea Power Station – Our Year 2 pupils were given a tour of the Battersea Power Station, viewed architectural blue prints and models. They additionally shared their opinion on the proposed development. Skills used – leading, sharing ideas and aiming high.

Societe Generale – This trip to one of the largest European financial services groups was a fantastic opportunity for students from Year 4 to put their Staying Positive and Problem Solving skills to the test with the support from professional business volunteers.

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Hogan and Lovells –  A special selection of students from our Year 6 class went to the heart of the city to put their enterprise skills to the test in the legal sector. The teams began their day with an introduction to Hogan Lovells followed by a round of Q&A’s to the Hogan Lovells volunteers to find out more about their jobs and how they might use the enterprise skills in their day-to-day work. After learning about the differences between criminal law and civil law, the students considered how important Listening Carefully would be in order to achieve success in today’s challenge.

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Experian – Our Year 3 pupils met graphic designers, web designers and account managers. They had the tall task of hiring a new member of the Experian team, this was done through looking at the candidates CV. Skills used – leading, working as a team and problem solving.

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BBC Worldwide – Our Year 5 pupils were given their very own media passes on entrance to BBC Worldwide! They learnt about the production of television programmes and the team of people involved. Skills used – listening carefully and using imagination.

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Shaftesbury Park at Yoti, London

Shaftesbury Park at IMB, London