Social Curriculum

The Social curriculum is very important in terms of developing speaking and listening skills. We maximise on these opportunities in the day and give children many opportunities to hear and use their French language in context; to have lots of opportunity to converse during lunch, play and when socialising with others. We staff the social times of the school day carefully to ensure we maximise the children’s French language experiences.

Lunch service: As in Reception, a French TA will help with lunch service at year one, helping the children make requests from the food service and salad bar in French

Lunch time play: When the children return to their classrooms following lunchtime there is twenty minutes of play based activities before afternoon lessons start. The French TA will lead story activities, songs and games in French.

Afternoon play time is a great opportunity for the children in the bilingual stream to socialise across the three classes (Leopards, Badgers and Foxes). This outdoor session is carefully planned so that the children access songs, traditional French playground games, circle games, storytelling and physical play. The session is generously staffed with both French speaking teachers and TAs to ensure the best language modelling and conversation opportunities for the children. Children who need more support with their French acquisition have additional support to practice in this natural context. In addition to this children from the classic stream classes, who show a real flare for learning French are invited to join these play times.