As a school, we expect all children to attend every day and to arrive on time and ready to learn.

The Importance of Good Attendance and Punctuality

Good attendance and punctuality are vital to a child’s education. Research shows that not only do regular attenders cope better with going to school, they also find learning more satisfying and make better progress, socially and academically.

Good attendance and punctuality are regularly acknowledged and rewarded in our school assemblies and through the awarding of bronze, silver and gold star badgers for the following achievements:

For 100% attendance for two half-terms For 100% attendance for four half-terms For over 99% attendance across the whole academic year

Attendance and Punctuality Monitoring and Support

Attendance and punctuality at Shaftesbury Park are monitored by our Attendance and Pupil Welfare Officer, Miss Holly Dorman, and reviewed on a regular basis by Julia Humble, the Deputy Head, as well as the school’s Educational Welfare Officer, all of whom are available to speak with parents and offer support  in the event of any problems.

Shaftesbury Park commits to regularly liaising with parents regarding their child’s attendance and punctuality, providing updates at our regular parents evenings and including children’s attendance on their end of year school reports.

Notes on Attendance:

Sickness Absence

Please report all absences to the school by 9.00am. Absence can be reported in person, by phoning the School Office or by leaving a message on the answer machine. Where possible, please indicate when you think your child might return to school. In the case of an extended period of illness, please keep us updated.

Unauthorised Absence

Examples of unauthorised absences include unapproved holidays, birthdays, sleeping in after a late night and arriving after the registers have closed at 9.30am. Where there is no explanation for the absence or where the explanation or reason for absence is considered unsatisfactory, this will also be unauthorised absence. Unauthorised absences are reported to the Education Welfare Officer/ Local Authority, who may consider taking legal action against you.


We kindly request that all dental/ doctor’s appointments be made outside of school hours or during school holidays, however where this is not possible, please provide the School Office with the relevant appointment letter in advance of the appointment.


There is no entitlement to time off during term time and families are expected to take any holidays during the 13 weeks of school holidays throughout the school year. A leave of absence may be granted under exceptional circumstances at the discretion of the Headteacher. This will only be granted, however, if punctuality and attendance are above 95%. Any request for leave and subsequent absence that is not authorised will be regarded as truancy and will be reported to the EWO potentially leading to the issuing of fines. If you wish to apply for a leave of absence, it is essential to do so well in advance, discussing your situation with Mrs Richards.

Please remember that the more time your child misses from school, the more valuable learning time is lost, time that can be difficult to make up.