Secondary Transfer

The process

Whilst your child is in Year 5, it is best to research the schools

When your child reaches Year 6:

  • They will sit the Wandsworth test (VR NVR) on September 22nd
  • The test result outcomes will be released around mid October
  • You can complete one form for any London state school by the October of applying year
  • The offers are released in March
  • If you are not pleased with your result then you can appeal

Wandsworth school open days

Please remember, where possible, to bring your child in to school and register them before taking them to visit a school. There is no need to complete a form, you simply need to inform the office and it will be recorded as an authorised absence.

Go to the Wandsworth website for more details about Open Days/Evenings

Which secondary schools do our pupils go to?

The document below is a list that confirms what secondary school the Year 6 pupils of Shaftesbury Park School will attend.

School Leavers Document

Different types of school

Click on the link below for more information.

Types of school

Wandsworth Test Scores (issued 12th October 2016)

Wandsworth test scores are issued in a secure envelope. Please open these once you are off the school site as they contain sensitive, private information. Your child will not be told their scores unless you choose to do so yourself.

Wandsworth test examples for parents

Wandsworth tests example booklet