Special Educational Needs

‘Eliminating discrimination and ensuring equality of opportunity is at the heart of the school’s ethos’ Ofsted

At Shaftesbury Park we are proud to be an inclusive school. Please read the following attachment for further information about Special Educational Needs at our school. SEN Information Report (October 2021)

As outlined by the requirements of the DfE, this report complies with:

The report includes details of:

  • our school’s admission arrangements for pupils with SEN or disabilities
  • the steps we have taken to prevent pupils with SEN from being treated less favourably than other pupils
  • access facilities for pupils with SEN
  • the accessibility plan our governing body has written in compliance with paragraph 3 of schedule 10 to the Equality Act 2010

To contact Julia Humble SENCO, please contact the School Office on 0207 228 3652 or email her directly: senco@shaftesburypark.wandsworth.sch.uk