Enrichment Projects

At Shaftesbury Park, we believe that all children deserve a well-rounded and experience-rich education that develops the child as a whole and contributes to their personal, social and emotional wellbeing. As part of this, we offer a diverse range of enrichment activities providing children with opportunities to acquire new knowledge and skills across a wide range of areas and have lots of fun in the process! The benefits of enrichment activities for children do not end there, however, with carefully chosen activities shown to have a direct impact on pupil attainment in the classroom too, instilling a love of learning that lasts way beyond their primary years.

By the time children leave Shaftesbury Park, every pupil will have had the opportunity to take part in the following:

Swimming Lessons

All classes in Key Stage 1 and 2 benefit from at least a term’s worth of weekly swimming lessons at our local leisure centre each academic year. This means that the majority of our pupils are able to exceed the swimming expectations of the National Curriculum by the time they leave our school.

Specialist Dance and Sports Tuition

We are fortunate to be able to offer all pupils the chance to benefit from the following specialist dance and sports tuition alongside their regular PE lessons:

  • Specialist dance lessons – provided by Joselyn Prah from The Jam London
  • Gymnastics and Athletics coaching – provided by The Elms Sports in Schools
  • Tennis coaching – provided by the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Association
  • Football Coaching – provided by Chelsea FC

Sports Competitions and Tournaments

We are proud to take part (and do well in) a number of different sports leagues and competitions each year across a range of different sports including boys and girls football, cricket, athletics and swimming.

Instrument Tuition – Violin, Guitar and Recorder Lessons

All pupils attending Shaftesbury Park will have the opportunity of learning the violin for a year for free as part of the ‘Wider Opportunities’ music project.

Additionally, we are also able to offer pupils the opportunity of learning to play the guitar and/or recorder. For further details on this, please see our Extracurricular Clubs page.

Art, Music and Drama Projects

We are proud to offer pupils the chance of participating in art, music and drama projects run in collaboration with a wide range of artists, actors and musicians. Most recently, pupils have enjoyed working with our partners the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment at Kings Place, Battersea Arts Centre, the Royal Festival Hall and the Royal Albert Hall before having the opportunity of performing in these world-class venues.

Scooter and Cycle Training

To help keep our pupils safe, we are proud to offer all pupils the chance to undertake scooter training. In addition to this, we also children in Years 5 and 6 the opportunity to undertake cycle proficiency training with specialist trainers.

Chess in Schools

All pupils are given the opportunity of learning how to play chess through our partnership with Chess in Schools.

Learning to play chess helps the children to think logically and plan strategy through visualising their moves and responding to the moves of their opponent. This has had a direct impact in maths lessons where pupils have shown themselves to be better able to think around a problem and use a range of approaches to solve it. Learning to play chess also improves children’s concentration and focus in lessons as they enjoy competing in friendly silence.

Some of our pupils have proven to be so good at chess that they have even competed at the London Chess Classic tournament!

Junior Citizenship Scheme

Each year, all pupils in Year 5 participate in the fantastic Junior Citizenship Scheme which aims to equip children with the skills to deal with a wide range of emergency situations. Children explore the themes of personal safety, home safety, fire safety, water safety, road safety, rail safety and online safety by working through a number of different scenarios in partnership with representatives from the council, the Police, the Fire Brigade and TfL. Children also examine what it means to be a good citizen by discussing topics such as graffiti and vandalism, dangerous substances, first aid and health issues.

Model United Nations General Assembly (MUNGA)

As a Rights Respecting School, we are proud participants in the Model United Nations General Assembly. Closely modelled on the real United Nations, pupils assume the role of national ambassadors to debate different global issues and come up with solutions.

Tycoon Project

As part of our Enterprise Curriculum, children are given the opportunity to enter the Tycoon competition. Almost like a Dragons’ Den for children, participating teams write a business plan and receive money to start their own business and trade in direct competition with other teams both within the school and across the country.