Enterprise Stream


Enterprise Education at Shaftesbury Park Primary School is about providing our children from an early age with excellent opportunities to develop lifelong skills that will ultimately enhance their future employability prospects. This education will help them to develop an enterprising mind-set and embed the skills and experiences that are needed to create a generation of entrepreneurs and leaders of the future.

Delivery of the Enterprise Curriculum

Enterprise Education is delivered across the curriculum but predominantly through the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) through which children access the foundation subjects of science, history, geography, music, art, technology and PE via an overarching topic. Each IPC topic is matched with a corresponding complementary topic from the Enabling Enterprise programme and adopts one or more of the following approaches:

  • a business approach which involves making and selling a product
  • a community approach which involves organising an event or exhibition
  • an environmental approach which can involve a campaign
  • a problem solving approach which can involve working as a team to overcome a challenge, a debate or a research based investigation

An example of this in practice would be an IPC topic of Saving the World, an Enterprise topic of Trash to Treasure and the business approach of creating an eco-toy, made from recycled materials and designed to impart a message about the importance of recycling.

Sample Timetables to follow – FS, KS1, KS2

The 8 Enterprise skills

The eight Enterprise skills are integrated throughout IPC/Enterprise topics. Each individual IPC/Enterprise lesson focuses on one or more Enterprise skills or on a couple of Enterprise skills in depth over the course of a unit. The skills are as follows:


We assess our children’s achievement in Enterprise through using the Skills Builder framework. This takes each of the eight employability skills and breaks them down into teachable and learnable themes which are then mapped out across the year groups to identify exactly what success looks like at each age. Children’s progress is closely monitored to ensure that all pupils are on the right trajectory and adaptations made to our Enterprise approach to support skill development.

Beyond the classroom

Developing Enterprise skills at playtimes, lunchtimes and after school

As a school we recognise the importance of providing opportunities for pupils to use their Enterprise skills outside of the classroom. Working in partnership with The Peter Jones Foundation, Shaftesbury Park is proud to participate in The Tycoon Project which sees children create business plans and launch their own businesses. From homemade jewellery and hair braiding to novelty key rings and bespoke slime, children across the school have marketed and launched very successful business, with some of our teams even being invited to EntFest, an Entrepreneurship festival that is held annually at Buckingham University.

Celebrating Enterprise

In addition to our participation in the Tycoon Project, Shaftesbury Park also provides a number of opportunities to celebrate the value of Enterprise skills with pupils working in teams to solve real world problems using these skills. Examples include Global Entrepreneurship Week, My Money Week and our own Enterprise Challenge Days during which children spend a whole day using the 8 Enterprise skills to do exciting things like coming up with a new sport, solving a crime CSI-style and even getting an egg to fly!

Classes have also engaged in collaborating with schools internationally – Year 5 Turtles class thoroughly enjoyed ‘Read All About it International Edition’ project.

Links with the Bilingual Stream

Whilst pupils are either in an Enterprise or a Bilingual Class, we are very much a united school with each stream deriving direct benefit from the other. Children in the Enterprise stream benefit from high quality French language teaching and an awareness of French culture through our whole school celebration of significant dates in the French cultural calendar, whilst children in the Bilingual stream benefit from the Enterprise ethos of the school with its emphasis on 8 business skills and participate in our fun Enterprise Challenge Days. Children in the Enterprise and Bilingual classes in each year group regularly mix with each other for the delivery of maths and literacy which at Key Stage 2 is taught in three groups from across the year group, allowing all pupils regardless of stream to benefit from high quality teaching in smaller groups. Children also mix at playtimes and lunchtimes.