Pupil voice

Pupils at Shaftesbury Park Primary School have lots of opportunities to be involved with initiatives which make the school a better place to be! You can see our different teams of pupils at the bottom of this page. Here are some of the roles that children can play at our school.

School Council

We have School Council meetings every two weeks, where we discuss issues which are affecting the school, as well as feeding back ideas or comments from our Class Council meetings.

Some of the activities we took part in last year were visiting the Mayor of Wandsworth in December.  As part of our ‘Raising Aspirations’ programme, school council met wih our local MP Jane Ellison to talk to her all about her career. We used our interview to contribute to the ‘Shaftesbury Shout’, a newsletter all about Pupil Voice at Shaftesbury Park.

Junior Road Safety Officers (JRSO’s)

Year 5 pupils take the role of Junior Road Safety Officers. They help to promote safe travel in the school by running competitions and collecting information about the way that pupils in the school travel. Every year the school takes part in the ‘Big Pedal’ competition and the ‘Walk Once a Week’ initiative. We have an excellent programme of pedestrian, cycling and scooter training too!

5 and Thrive

Year 6 pupils take it in turns to be part of our ‘Five and Thrive’ team, who help to encourage healthy choices and eating at lunchtimes. They promote the school’s healthy eating policy for those pupils who have school dinners and those who have packed lunches. You will spot them in the dining hall by their distinctive chef’s hat and apron!

Peer Mentors

KS2 Peer mentors provide individual support to other pupils by listening and helping them talk about their school life. This means pupils have an opportunity to discuss their learning and coping with problems that may influence their behaviour and learning. Peer mentor sessions take place during Monday KS2 assemblies and are supervised by Ms Di Doi

Fruity Tooty Tuck Shop

Turtles class have been trained up on how to run a healthy tuck shop. We wrote a business plan, thought of a company name, ordered our stock and now open the tuck shop twice a week in KS2. It is really popular and we will soon open to younger pupils. Our goal is to make a profit which we can spend on equipment for the school. We love having the chance to see how a real business is run.

Friendship Buddies

Friendships Buddies are an important team of children. Every class from Reception has six Buddies and the class vote to decide who they are every half term. If children in Shaftesbury Park have a problem they cannot solve themselves at playtime and lunchtime, they can find a Friendship buddy to help them. A Friendship Buddy is a good listener and can understand how    other people feel. Friendship buddies wear a special hat so children can find them in the playground!