Trauma Informed Schools Approach

Shaftesbury Park is proud to be a Trauma Informed School. But what does this mean in practice?

Being a trauma informed school means we actively work to support the mental wellbeing of ALL pupils, those who may have experienced trauma already as well as those who may go on to do so whether as children or adults. Through carefully planned classroom activities and targeted early interventions, trauma informed schools like Shaftesbury Park aim to equip children to deal with any adverse circumstances that might otherwise might impact their education (and by extension their life chances) and / or lead to future mental health problems.

All school staff are trained in ways by which to make children feel safe and secure, wanted and welcomed, liked and listened to. In practice, this might involve greeting children warmly upon arrival at school, listening to them carefully when they express their worries or finding different ways to help them to work through their concerns or problems.

We also have our own in-school therapeutic service, Unlocking Potential, who can work with children who have experienced traumas such as family disruption or other difficult changes in their lives.

Additionally, we also access other support from the Battersea Mental Health Support Team, for example drama therapists and educational wellbeing practitioners.

For further information on our Trauma Informed School approach or to discuss any concerns, please email Miss Humble (Trauma Informed School Lead and SENCO) at