School Council

Children have the right to give their opinions freely on issues that affect them and that adults should listen and take children seriously – Article 12, UNCRC

As a Rights Respecting school, we actively encourage children to be proactive in effecting the changes they wish to see. We have a very dynamic School Council, comprised of 20 children, democratically elected by their peers to represent them on a whole range of issues including how to improve the school environment (focusing on issues such as litter and recycling), issues relating to playtimes and lunchtimes, fundraising campaigns, how to support school-wide events like anti-bullying week and how to promote good behaviour.

Our School Council regularly meets not only with each other but also with various subject leaders, our Headteacher, Mrs Bunmi Richards, and the current Chair of Governors, Mr James Cousins, ensuring that pupils have a strong voice in the running of the school. Within our School Council we have a team of dedicated Eco Warriors who work hard to ensure our school community members are mindful of the importance of sustainability. They collect paper and writing instrument recycling and oversee the data gathering for Active Travel schemes such as The Big Pedal.

Being on the School Council helps children to develop skills that will ensure they are prepared for secondary school and beyond, skills such as conflict resolution, diplomacy and tact, as well as confidence in public speaking and arguing a point, even if it is not your own.  It is also a big responsibility, with our School Councillors constantly engaged in projects to improve the school for all.

Examples of recent successful projects include:

  • lobbying the Governing Body for a school garden and a playground Book Nook
  • promoting the environmental concerns of pupils, most notably reviewing school recycling before overseeing the design and installation of new recycling bins in the playground
  • fundraising over £120 for School Council funds
  • becoming Rights Ambassadors, promoting the school’s Rights Respecting agenda amongst fellow pupils and parents

Our Councillors

Our School Councillors for 2021-22 are:

Starfish Class

Mimi and Khalil

Penguins Class

Ava and Alfie

Seals Class

Isla and Mohamed

Sharks Class

Zaid and Jak

Turtles Class

Reegan and Awab

Whales Class

Clara and Ava

Seahorses Class

Jaelah and Abdul-Majeed 

Dolphins Class