Results and Ofsted

At Shaftesury Park we are proud of all of our achievements.  Below you can read our most recent Ofsted report in which we are graded as a ‘good’ school in all areas. In particular the report celebrates with us the fact that:

‘The school provides excellent opportunities for developing pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development through a rich and vibrant curriculum.

‘Teachers are thoughtful in the way they approach their work and are keen to be given constructive ideas that will improve their practice.’

‘Parents and carers are very positive about what the school has to offer and increasing numbers are actively involved in supporting their children’s learning in a range of ways.’

‘Pupils behave well in and around the school. A focus on respect ensures they get on well, and playtimes and lunchtimes are therefore harmonious and enjoyable.’

Governors support school leaders well to check and continually improve the quality of teaching.

Ofsted Report November 2013


Key Stage 1

Please click on the link below for our End of Key Stage 1 Results

End of Key Stage 1 Results (Year 2) 2015 – 16

End of Key Stage 1 Results (Year 2) 2016-2017

Key Stage 2

Please click on the link below for our End of Key Stage 2 Results

End of Key Stage 2 Results (Year 6) 2015 – 2016

End of Key Stage 2 Results (Year 6) 2016-2017

You can look at our results data on the Department for Education’s School Performance Tables website

Shaftesbury Park Progress

We were extremely pleased to receive a special award from Wandsworth Council for our ‘above average’ progress from Key Stage 1 to 2. You can read the full article on page 18 of Headstart – Wandsworth Schools and Families magazine.

Progress awards