Our vision and mission

Our Vision and Mission statements were agreed in summer 2014 after consultation with staff, parents, governors and pupils

Our Vision

Shaftesbury Park Primary School – the local school of choice providing an outstanding education to its diverse community.

At Shaftesbury Park Primary School every child will make the best progress and reach the highest possible standards they can in all aspects of their development. Pupils will be nurtured as individuals within the school and wider community. They will be aspirational, reflective learners who enjoy their valued role in our school. Through a creative and diverse curriculum, and with the benefits of a bilingual provision, all children will be empowered to succeed academically and socially so they can take a confident place in an increasingly global and digital future.

Our Mission

At Shaftesbury Park, we are at our best when we:

  • encourage, listen to and value contributions from all members of our school community
  • engage with parents to support pupils and the school
  • give pupils opportunities to play a valuable role in their school, local community, and wider world
  • celebrate successes in all areas of school life
  • encourage enquiry, creativity and curiosity about the world
  • help children see how they move on in their learning
  • ensure all children are able to fully take part in school life, through a strong
  • emphasis on inclusion, pastoral care and the safe environment of our school
  • strive for a high standard of respect and positive behaviour and use our school charters, which are based on the United Nation’s Convention of the Rights of the Child, as a framework to remind us of these rights.
  • continually look for opportunities to improve the school
  • benefit from the opportunities provided by the school’s bilingualism, regardless of stream