Our classes

Our school is organised into three phases.

Until quite recently we were a 1.5 form entry school, and so we still have the need for a few mixed age classes in KS2. However, now that we have become a 2 form entry school, as this moves through the school, we will have two classes in each year group.

In the Foundation Stage we are on safari with our Zebras (Nursery), Tigers (Reception) and Leopards (Bilingual Reception). These classes are situated on the ground floor of the school which enables them to make the most of our outdoor area by moving in and out of the school building. Our Zebras are situated in a brand new purpose built Nursery in the playground, meaning our Reception classes have much more room inside the building, as they can use the previous Zebra classroom for small group work.

Please click this link to find out more about the Early Years – Early Years brochure

In Key Stage One we are exploring the woodland with our four classes on the first floor of the school. Our Year 1 classes are the Hedgehogs and Badgers (Bilingual). Our Year 2 classes are the Owls and the Foxes (Bilingual). If you have ever visited our school prior to our major renovation work, this is where you will notice the most changes to the building. This used to be where our school office was located, but redesigning to become a 2 form entry school meant that this space was change to create some beautiful new classrooms.

In Key Stage Two we move up to the second floor of the school where we find an underwater theme! We have the Starfish (Year 3 Enterprise), the Penguins (Year 3 Bilingual), the Seals (Year 4 Enterprise), the Sharks (Year 4 Bilingual), the Turtles (Year 5 Enterprise) , the Whales (Year 5 Bilingual), the Dolphins (Year 6 Bilingual) and the Seahorses (Year 6 Enterprise) .