Foxes class (Y2 Bilingual)


Welcome to Year 2 – Foxes Class – Bienvenue Chez les Renards!

Year 2 marks the end of Key Stage 1 for the children and is an especially important year, as we have the Key Stage 1 SATs. Therefore, we will be working extra hard this year to make sure we make lots of progress and prepare ourselves for the harder work to come in Key Stage 2. Developing our reading skills in Year 2 is vital and you can really help at home by ensuring you hear your children read and discuss the books with them every day. Developing our handwriting, including writing in a joined-up cursive style, is something we will practise every week. Year 2 is the year where we also work extra hard on making sure we have a good understanding of those key maths skills, from ordering numbers to understanding multiplication and division.

The adults who work in Foxes class are:  Katherine Stewart and Nathalie Bonal (teaching assistant)

Homework: Homework will be handed out on Thursdays and will be collected in on Tuesdays.

PE: Monday – Gymnastics (autumn). Thursday – Outdoor session. Friday – Swimming (autumn)

Useful website links: French applications French activities  Phonics play Purple Mash

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