Giraffe Nursery

Welcome to the Giraffes Class Page!

The Giraffes Class offers Early Education for children aged 2-3 years. Learning activities are play based and planned to support the children’s development in line with the EYFS curriculum.  Special consideration is given to support children’s development within the Prime areas of learning- Communication and language, Physical development and Personal, Social and Emotional development.

The adults working in Giraffes Class are:

Belinda Botchway (Early Years Professional)

Miss Tanya Bastiani and Miss Staecha-Dee Thorpe (Teaching Assistants)

PE Sessions:

Children have free flow sessions during the day where they will access a wide range of resources to support with developing their gross motor movements/skills.

Home Learning and Reading:

Please make sure you read with/to your child every day. Retell favourite and familiar stories such as The Three Little Pigs (this is one of our favourites!) Sing lots of songs and nursery rhymes. Make lots of marks with lots of different writing materials such as paint, pens, water/paint brushes and chalks. Encourage your child to give meaning to these marks. Find numbers and shapes in the environment. You can look for these on your way to and from school. Count lots of different objects such as toys, food items, cars and people. Have lots of fun with your child! Please check the Nursery webpage for weekly home learning ideas related to the topic/weekly theme.

Useful Links:

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