Zebras class (Nursery)


Welcome to the Nursery – Zebra Class

Nursery is where children begin their educational journey. The children in the Zebra class follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum through termly themes. We provide children with fun, interactive, stimulating and interesting activities to support their learning. This is tailored to meet the individual needs and interests of the Zebra learners.

The adults who work in the Zebra class are – Susan Diment,  Victoria Dickson and Laura Brooke

Home Learning

Please make sure you read with/to your child everyday. Retell favourite and familiar stories such as The Three Little Pigs (this is one of our favourites!) Sing lots of songs and nursery rhymes.

Make lots of marks with lots of different writing materials such as paint, pens, water/paint brushes and chalks. Encourage children to write their names, letter shapes, numbers and objects.

Find numbers and shapes in the environment. You can look for these on your way to and from school.

Count lots of different objects such as toys, food items, cars and people.

Have lots of fun with your child!

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