Extracurricular Clubs

Extracurricular clubs on offer at Shaftesbury Park: Art, athletics, ballet, basketball, ball skills, board games, chess, choir, coding, cooking, drama, extended French, football, French drama, French story time, gardening, guitar, gymnastics, homework, judo, mandarin, mindfulness, phonics, recorder, robotics, science, sports base, story time, street dance.

Shaftesbury Park is proud to offer a wide variety of extracurricular clubs throughout the school year, providing children with the opportunity to further develop skills taught in the classroom or even learn something new, as well as helping them to improve their social skills and build friendships outside of their usual circle.

Whilst the exact clubs on offer vary from term to term, children are always offered a choice of arts and sports activities as well the opportunity to join a homework club. Regular questionnaires ensure that we are offer the clubs our children wish to participate in.

Clubs for Autumn Term 2023-2024

The clubs currently on offer are: Choir, Multisports, Lego, Drama, Science, Chess, Football, Dance, Yoga and Running Club.

How to Apply

Extracurricular activities are offered three times per year for the following term. In order to book your child’s place, please log in to your scopay.com account when club booking goes live, select the clubs you require and complete the transaction. Please be patient as it can take time for all the clubs to go live.

Important information on how to book on

  • Please be aware that club spaces are allocated on a first come, first served basis and fill up extremely quickly.
  • Spaces are automatically reserved on completion of transaction. If you are unable to complete the transaction then you DO NOT have a space and the club is full. You will not be sent a separate notification of a reserved club space. You can however email the club coordinator and request a place on a waiting list.
  • To avoid disappointment, please discuss club choices with your child before booking and plan which clubs your child would like attend, taking care to avoid double booking.
  • Clubs must have a minimum number of participants to run. If this number is not reached, the club will not take place and parents will be contacted regarding a replacement club or refund. REFUNDS WILL NOT BE OFFERED UNDER ANY OTHER CIRCUMSTANCES.
  • Some of these clubs are run by outside providers. In order for these to run, it is necessary for us to share your child’s information in the form of registers and class information. In signing up for a club, you are giving your consent for this to take place.

Any queries regarding extra-curricular clubs should be directed to the following member of staff:

Holly Dorman